Cyndi and the Drums

Cyndi and the Drums (CatDs) play all original eclectic fusion music, referencing a mix of world music styles, including Folkloric Afro-Cuban, Afro-Peruvian, African Hi-life, Drum n Bass, Jungle, Hip-hop, reggae, and pop. Cyndi and the Drums explore both ancient and digital drumming, with ‘Bata’ drums (Cuban folkloric ceremonial drums used for Santeria) to electronic drums. Straddling spirit world with Yoruban beats, Celtic-guitars, and afro-chant fused with electronic beats, Afro-Jazz, drum'n'bass, reggae and spoken word, in a truly original, eclectic fusion.


Drums In Cambodia

"Drums in Cambodia" was the founding of a drumming & music therapy school in 2013, for the kids at Cambodian Children's Trust (CCT). All theses kids are survivors of human trafficking, who benefitted from the kind generosity of everyone who donated to fund the project. The total amount donated in the 6 week Pozible Crowd Funding Campaign was $6000, all of which was invested in drums and logistics. The kids, teachers and staff at CCT all participated in a school concert at the end of the drumming course taught by Cyndi Tan, which can be seen on ..

Body Drum and Chant – Festival or Event Workshop

You began your journey as a natural drum when your mother’s heart beat hit your body in the womb, causing you to vibrate in rhythm. Her heart-time connected your senses, from your soul, through every cell of your body past your ears to your skin.

“Body-Drum and Chant” opens another road on your journey, to explore your birth-right as a natural-drummer. Starting with “clapping, slapping, clicking and stomping”, then adding “call and response” chants from Africa, Cuba and the Pacific, you are promised an Earth-Tribe connection that will transport you, if you let it!

Suitable for beginners to advanced, you can choose your level as you go, push your co-ordination, or simply allow it all just to happen!

45 - 120 mins in duration

News, blogs & meditations

by Cyndi Tan

Freedom Beats 2, @ 505 the Venue

Cyndi and the Drums return to 505 this April with the introduction of digi-electronic-drums triggered live by Vincent Sebastian (Afro-Experiments, Watussi), and Cuban folkloric bata drums played by Dominic Kirk,…

FREEDOM BEATS @ 505, The Venue

Cyndi and the Drums, (the new line up) recently played their first live gig at MOGO BUSH Beats, on the Matilda Truck Stage in the middle of the bush near…

New Line-up and direction 2016

In 2014 “Cyndi and the Drums” released their debut album, and donated 100% profit to fund “Drums in Cambodia”. This was a music therapy program based at Cambodian Childrens Trust,…

Drums in Cambodia – School Concert

The wall of gratefulness I experienced in the final concert the kids gave at CCT flushed every cell of my body, every genealogical memory, every negative emotion from who I…


July 26, 2014 Sourcing the Drums An important lesson I remember learning from my first music teacher was that I had to practise, and in order to practise, I needed…

Class Schedule @ CCT

This is the revised teaching schedule based around the School holiday program Please see the post on “A DRUM 4 every CHILD” for the evolution from PLAN A to B on…

Give Twice for the Price of ONE!

Wear something that truly makes you feel beautiful inside and out! Or give twice for the price of one! Sounds like a pretty economical way to start buying Christmas presents!?…

Drums in Cambodia – Launch October 20th 2013

Sufi Proverb … “If the body has lost it’s rhythm, something goes wrong with the mind; if the mind has lost it’s rhythm, the body goes wrong; if the heart…

7 Years, 4 Re-writes, 3 Band Names, 2 Producers = 1 Album

Cyndi and the Drums has been a long time coming, one of my life’s dreams has always been to create original music, play drums and sing the words from my…

Choose Your Evolution

With NLP and Hypnosis I evolved from punk high-school drop-out to professional musician and mind-set coach. Love yourself to where you want to be, "Choose your Evolution", I can show you how. Lasting change occurs in your life when you “know what you want” and “own” what you’re thinking. Mind coaching with NLP and Hypnosis helps you to do this. Q: What can Mind Coaching do for ME? Mind coaching is the same as having a personal trainer at the gym. You show up for training because you’re working towards a result, and you know that the support of trainer will help you to achieve that result. Except when you’re training your mind, you move your thoughts instead of your body, with your trainer there to observe, feed back and coach you to your goal. Q: What is NLP? How can it help me? NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, which is a form of out-come based cognitive behavioral therapy. Put simply, NLP is “Think, speak, do” training. Neuro = Think Linguistic = Speak Programming = Do Similar to having your personal trainer at the gym analogy, you basically replace bad habits with better ones, and train smarter instead of harder. Mind coaching does this by helping you to: 1. KNOW what you want 2. LET GO of the things you don’t want 3. BEGIN to transform, and learn to 4. BE the solution Q: What does hypnosis feel like? How can it help me? Hypnosis feels like you’re very relaxed, conscious of everything that’s happening, and deeply connected to your own thoughts. Put simply, it’s like watching a great movie on TV, except you’re watching yourself on the screen, and you can re-write the script. Hypnosis does this by helping you to: 1. KNOW yourself 2. LET GO of the past 3. BEGIN to transform, and learn to 4. BE the solution Q: How do I know this is right for me? How can I find the right coach for me? Similar to finding the right gym, or the right personal trainer, you will know in your “gut” when something or someone is right for you… ironically, mind-coaching can help you to “trust your instincts” too. Cyndi Tan Choose Your Evolution