Give Twice for the Price of ONE!

cindy and the drums necklace

Wear something that truly makes you feel beautiful inside and out!

Or give twice for the price of one!

Sounds like a pretty economical way to start buying Christmas presents!?

When you purchase the above necklace as a gift for yourself or a nearest and dearest, you will also be gifting something very special to a kid in Cambodia.

drum roll……. {drumming}

No seriously, the gift of drumming.

Have you ever sat blindly in front of a drum or drum kit?

For a split second you have a fear of disturbing the peace. Then you freeze since you don’t know how to play. Momentarily you realize how the pressure of both these fears is ridiculous. Who really cares?! The drum is here for the playing. Do something new. You smash out a clanging, throbbing, bash.

Is this a hidden talent?! This feels so good! Before you know it you’re grinning wildly in your own pulsing rhythm. After about 20 minutes your forearms start to tire. You stop. The silence is serene. You feel happy, empowered and alive!

Imagine giving this feeling to a kid for the first time! a kid that knows only deprivation and fear.

My talented musician friend Cyndi Tan has been devoting a portion of her busy Sydney life to a project in Cambodia. Her aim is to bring as many drums as she can raise funds for, to an orphanage. Through the fun, empowering and healing exercise of learning to play the drums, Cyndi Tan’s goal is to bring that happy, playful and alive feeling to the kids. After all that is the least a child requires…

Aside of course from safety.

This orphanage in Cambodia is a safe haven from human trafficking. The sad reality is that there is a huge market for babies and young kids for their organs, for sexual perversion and for child labour. Personally I find it horrible to fully engage with and hard to truly understand. It is a harsh reality that is so overwhelmingly depressing.

So I take a deep breath. I feel grateful for my life, friends and family, my health and my safety. My focus then is how I can take what I do already, designing and creating jewellery, and use it to help Cyndi’s project.

By designing and selling this featured necklace I am drawing attention to the issue of human trafficking. I am supporting a safe haven for kids, and I’m availing basic childhood needs of encouragement, fun, a sense of belonging and empowerment to those who otherwise have not.

The great thing about jewellery is that it’s a talking point.

If someone comments on your “Drums in Cambodia” necklace you can tell them about Cyndi Tan’s project and give yourself a pat on the back. Better still you could take out your smart phone and facilitate a sale in 5 minutes! It’s so easy!

The necklace is on the home page of my website:

Click through and buy using pay pal or a credit card and I’ll send it to you within 3 working days.

Become an ambassador for change.

Wear something that makes you feel beautiful inside and out. And share the LOVE


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With love

Kate McCoy