Drums in Cambodia – Launch October 20th 2013

Drums in Cambodia
Sufi Proverb … “If the body has lost it’s rhythm, something goes wrong with the mind; if the mind has lost it’s rhythm, the body goes wrong; if the heart has lost it’s rhythm, the mind is puzzled; if the rhythm of the soul is lost, then all is wrong.”Cambodia is the poorest country in South East Asia, a place where poverty breaks up families. The vast majority of orphanages in Cambodia are made up not just of orphans in the traditional sense, but also of children saved from human trafficking, abuse, orphaned by HIV and children removed from destitute families. At the age of 18yrs, my dear friend Tara Winkler travelled through South East Asia and saved a small orphanage from a corrupt, and sexually abusive director. She raised the funding, found a new residence and founded the Cambodian Childrens Trust. In 2013, CCT has a range of programs to support vulnerable and underpriveleged children, from ages 2 – 22 year old. Tara invited me to come to Cambodia to teach the CCT kids drumming. My first music teacher taught me that there was no point learning an instrument unless you had one to practise on.- THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN! – Please help me buy drums for the children at CCT to use as a resource for now and the future.Then I will fly to Cambodia, stay for 2 months to establish the CCT Drums in Cambodia Music Therapy School, train another teacher to continue my work when I leave. Lessons will be a playful space for the kids to experiment and explore the possibilities of improvisation with basic skills. Then the encouragement to create as they are coached to believe in themselves as artists. Performance pieces will be developed by the kids themselves, then performed in a community concert with costumes, for friends and foster families. Cambodian Childrens Trust are 100% committed to incorporating drumming/ percussion lessons into their extra-curricular programmes so the kids can practice and hone their skills. WE ARE ALL PART OF CREATING THIS LEGACY – I’d like to film everything, make a music video clip/ mini-documentary featuring the drummer-kids of CCT, to raise awareness about the illegal adoptions that drive human trafficking and slavery eg: estimated 200 – 225 thousand women and children fall victim to human trafficking in South East Asia annually.INVEST IN HOPE – your participation in this campaign will support a brighter future for a child whose smile you get to enjoy when you see the amazing performances I’ll share through my website.

The Drums in Cambodia Campaign successfully raised $6400 in 6 Weeks, and the project is underway!

Munny smiles from the heart

Saved from human trafficking

Cambodian Childrens Trust
Drums in Cambodia